There are many models of electric fire available today that use liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to emulate a real flame pattern that you might achieve naturally from a gas or solid fuel heating appliance. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is in fact a thin, flat electronic visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LCs).

LCs do not actually emit light directly, and they are used in a wide range of applications including: computer monitors, television, instrument panels, aircraft cockpit displays, signage, etc as well as electric fires. They are also commonly found in other consumer devices such as video players, gaming devices, clocks, watches, calculators, and telephones. LCDs have now tended to displace cathode ray tube (CRT) displays in most applications. They are usually more compact, lightweight, portable, less expensive, more reliable, and easier on the eyes. They are available in a wider range of screen sizes than CRT and plasma displays, and since they do not use phosphors, they cannot suffer image burn-in.

LCDs are quite energy efficient and have a low electrical power consumption. It is an electronically-modulated optical device made up of any number of pixels filled with liquid crystals and arrayed in front of a light source (backlight) or reflector to produce images in colour or monochrome.

The revolutionary range of Celsi electric fires from BFM Europe uses LCD technology to produce the most sophisticated and realistic fire effects in the world. Every Celsi fire has been designed to give the appearance of outstanding depth along with an amazing 3D effect. Each model comes with a selection of real fire effects to choose from which you can change using a stylish remote control to suit your mood and your requirements. You might like to read to the sound of the shouldering log or even the blazing log flame picture. Or keep it silent to suit you. Alternatively, while watching TV you might want to relax to the glowing or flaming coal picture.

Mood lighting is also a feature of the Celsi fires and you can choose from three colours – white, amber and blue – to  create a calming ambience around the heater and to suit your mood.

Celsi fires are available as hearth mounted or wall mounted models. The beauty of the latter is that you can hang a Celsi almost anywhere in the home and you can create a stunning focal point in a bedroom as well as a welcoming source of heat.

There is no limit to the features of a Celsi electric fire and it is all made possible by the advanced technologies BFM have used to create these stunning appliances.