Celsi Touchflame Electric Fire

BFM Leading the way - An industry first technology....


BFM Europe are proud to deliver a new technology to the electric fire industry. The Celsi Touchflame enables the user to slide their finger along the fires fascia to control an array of new functions. 

The Celsi Touchflame electric fire features a digital touchscreen control panel which is built-in to the fascia of the product and can be used to control the whole functionality of the product.

Celsi Touchflame Black Log

The flame speed can be adjusted and the flame colour can be set to one of 4 modes including a dynamic mode which provides a constantly changing flame picture.

The ember bed colour can be changed to suit your décor or your mood with 8 different modes including red, blue, green and dynamic effect.

Celsi Touchflame also features a heat timer function allowing you to preset how long the heat remains on at one hour intervals up to 8 hours.

Celsi Touchflame White Crystals

The fireplace retailers have been incredibly receptive to this product in taking displays, so please follow the link to visit your nearest Celsi electric fire retailer to view this grounbreaking new product!!!

Find a Celsi retailer - https://www.celsielectricfires.co.uk/find-a-retailer