BFM Leading the Way with Unbeatable Guarantees!

BFM Europe have a reputation in the industry and with consmers of offering the most comprehensive and lenthgy guaranatees. This is a demonstration of faith and complete trust in our products - their performance and resiliance. The Collection by Michael Miller: BFM's flagship brand offers consumers a huge 25 year guarantee to ensure the customer feels fully confident with their investment. 

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Portway & Flavel Stoves Smoke Control Approved - As recommended by DEFRA!

Under the Clean Air Act 1993, local authorities are able to claim part of a town or city a smoke control area. This now means that within that allocated area it will be an offence to emit smoke from the chimney of a building from any fire, stove or boiler. 


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Celsi Touchflame Electric Fire

BFM Leading the way - An industry first technology....


BFM Europe are proud to deliver a new technology to the electric fire industry. The Celsi Touchflame enables the user to slide their finger along the fires fascia to control an array of new functions. 


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Why Celsi Electric Fires are the right choice!

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Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Used Fireplace or Stove?These days, who doesn’t want to take advantage of a bargain? Just as many smart buyers opt to purchase used cars, since a brand new car loses thousands in value as soon as it is driven off the lot, many homeowners are wondering if buying a used fireplace or stove is also a good way to save money.Read More

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